Softi Stripe Armwarmers in Carnation Spacedye

$150 USD


Stripes are knitted from a blend of wool, cotton and recycled cashmere, with contrast embroidery at fingers. Armwarmers can be worn fully extended or folded/pushed down to a shorter length. Fabric has stretch. This product is completely knitted and embroidered with leftover yarn. For more information please click here

Yarn spun in Italy. Garment knitted and embroidered in China. 

Product is 75% Cotton 16% Wool 9% Recycled Cashmere.
Embroidery is 100% Merino Wool.

Dry clean only. Do not hang.


19-1/4" long fully extended, 3-1/2" wide.

Can be worn fully extended up to upper arm or folded/pushed down to a shorter length at forearm. Fabric has stretch.


This garment is unique - due to the nature of this yarn, each garment may vary in appearance. This does not affect the quality of the garment.

This yarn is made of recycled and new materials. There may be some irregularities in its appearance. Please wear this garment with care. Some pilling may occur, but can be removed easily by a sweater comb or a pill remover.