Where are you guys based? Where is the product shipped from?

Our design studio is based out of Hong Kong, where we share an office with our HK manufacturing team. Other members of our team are based out of NYC and Tokyo. Currently all of our items are reviewed, packed and shipped out of Hong Kong.

I have some feedback I would like to share with the designers, how can I contact them?

Our co-founders Suzzie and Phyllis are very hands on with responding to customer enquiries. When you message us on instagram or email us at info@yanyanknits.com, you are probably speaking directly with them! We appreciate all of your feedback, whether it is regarding the IG feed, the website, the ordering process or the fit and quality of the product. Hearing from you helps us provide better service, and make better product, so we are happy to hear from you!

Why is there such limited inventory of each style?

Most of our products are made at limited quantities, since it is not always possible to reorder materials. Because of this, we try to restock by making to order, which helps us reduce waste, conserve our materials and avoid overproduction. We try to reserve a little bit of material for each style, so that we can be reactive when there is a demand to restock. We encourage you to reach out to us to waitlist for any items that may be unavailable. Knitwear is still very human oriented work, and we design our products to reflect this, so we appreciate everyone’s patience when waiting for our restock. 

How can I join your waitlist? 

There is a form section at the bottom of this page. Please input your information, the style name, color and size you are interested in waitlisting. We should be able to follow up with you within 72 hours of your email. Unfortunately, sometimes we run out of material for a particular style, and restocking is impossible, but we will let you know in your waitlist enquiry. 

What size should I wear? Why is my size not available?

We love women of all sizes, and we really want our product to connect with more diverse body types. Knitwear has great versatility in stretch and can accommodate different bodies and sizes. Some of our styles are listed as two sizes eg. Medium (Medium / Large). This means based on the fit and the stretch of the garment, we believe it can accommodate both sizes.
We know how difficult it can be to shop online, and we want to do our best to make this process easier for you. We try to list as much garment information as we can on each product page, but we are also happy to suggest the size based on your measurements. Please feel free to contact us in the form below, stating your measurements and the item(s) that you are interested in.
Unfortunately because of limited materials, we may not always have stock in every size. We are so happy and grateful for our expanding customer base, and we will do our best to provide product for you. We are also working on expanding our size range in stock, but if your size is not currently available please do not hesitate to enter your request in the form below.