Laza Scrunchie Set

$165 USD


Set of two scrunchies - one giant scrunchie and one "regular" scrunchie in our super cute Laza jacquard. The artwork here is inspired by traditional "百子圖" (drawing of a hundred children). This kind of illustration celebrates happiness, prosperity and peace. Our giant scrunchie is approx 5 1/2" wide, a total of approx 12" in diameter, she's so big she'll look like a hat :D. Both scrunchies are comfortable for hair or can be worn on your wrist! This style uses leftover yarn. For more information please click here

Yarn spun in Japan. Product knitted in China.

Yarn content is 60% Polyester 23% Cotton 14% Wool 3% Nylon.

Dry clean only. Do not hang.


Giant scrunchie is oversized - approx 12" in diameter relaxed.

Regular scrunchie is approx 7" in diameter relaxed. 

Soft inner elastic comfortable for wearing in your hair or on your wrist.